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Igland - Winches Igland - Forestry winches

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A powerful and efficient solution

For over 50 years, IGLAND manufactures forestry equipment for small farms. From the beginning, Igland was a leader in the development of effective forestry equipment, based on the use of agricultural tractors.

 Igland catalog    
IGLAND catalog

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IGLAND New brochure

Agrex Catalog 2014 IGLAND brochure.pdf


Igland - Winches

A typical all-purpose winch designed for the farmer and the forest owner and offering maximum traction force of 4500 kg (10 116 lb).

The forestry three points
IGLAND winch, for tractors with 40 to 75 hp, can be equipped with a positioning system for haul-in block (optional).

It is designed to be equipped with a radio remote control.

Igland winch IG5001K   This powerful and effective IGLAND model gives you full control over the load, even in the toughest conditions. The low profile design allows this winch to minimize the rear projection.
 Winches accessories  
Igland accessoires pour treuils   Very wide range of accessories for winches: choke cables, hooks, rings capeler, shackles, pulleys, remote controls, etc.

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