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Orsi - Shredders Orsi - Bushcutter and shredders

  ORSI logo

Tradition reinvented

Innovative on projecting, production, quality of the product. These are the reasons for which ORSI has reached a top position on the market of the flail mowers and shredders.

By Orsi all is studied in order to reach a goal: constant improvement of the quality of the product and of desired working in order to satisfy your needs.

 Catalog Orsi    
Orsi catalog  
ORSI catalog

Agrex Catalog 2012 ORSI catalog.pdf

 Bushcutter arms    

ORSI - Bushcutters arm AGILE

The central and high fitting of the main arm to step over street signals and guard-rail, mechanical breakaway system make the AGILE an ultra usefull tool to have. Plus quick uncoupling to lifter.

ORSI - RIVER LX bushcutters arms   The ORSI bushcuttes RIVER LX ORSI is the stronger for professional use with the first hitch arm on the side the machine for a very large extent.

For added security the hydraulic rotation enables scanning of 105 °.

Telescopic arm on some models

  The large offset shredder FARMER OFF-SET is very effective for cleaning roadsides.
ORSI -ENERGY 155 Shredder
  The ENERGY 155 shredders is a light machine suitable for meadows, gardens, parks, etc..

In addition, this machine has the ability to work in many positions.


ORSI - GOLF Mower, shredder


The GOLF ORSI mower is a shredder light for gardens, parks, playgrounds, etc..

Particularly suitable for small tractors. The knife tip allows a very regular cut.

The rear catcher collects the cut grass.

RSI - APPLE shredder
  Another newcomer to the Orsi family, the APPLE shredder. Solid and compact, it is suitable for those who must work for both right and left in small spaces, bypassing road signs and guardrails.

Safety on the hydraulic head and the terminal double telescopic makes the machine ideal for professional use.

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